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Recruitment news - in the last six months trading we have a growing disparity between clients offered remuneration and candidate’s demands. The uncertainty created politically in the last twelve months has made candidates less inclined to move. Clearly this is shorting the market of talent and as such is creating scenario which increases client lead times on filling roles. Cer financial have always targeted candidates who are not on job boards, who are not looking in the open market and who are working with us exclusively until placed but this model is proving challenging to maintain.

Counter offers are starting to creep in. Our clients with a flexible approach to remuneration are securing the best talent albeit at a slightly increased price.

Simply put there are less highly skilled top tier candidates available, they are highly prized, will often have several interviews or offers, and it is those clients who show genuine desire to hire them backed with financial flexibility that are securing these candidates!

Cer financial unrivalled database of targeted specialist financial services candidates can help you stay out of a price war and save you money. Why not challenge us against your current recruiting model to fill your next role with the skill set you need at the right price!

Paul Mersh
Managing director

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